Biodynamic Massage

Your body knows how to heal.

Biodynamic Massage is, at core, the act of listening deeply to the innate healing properties of a client’s body and letting that, instead of a rigid protocol, guide the treatment.

Though the bodywork I offer to my clients is a fusion of years of study since becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2006, it is Biodynamic Massage Therapy that most greatly influences my work. I still continue to learn about the human body each day and add to the work that I offer my clients.

Developed by Todd Jackson, LMT, Biodynamic Massage is the marriage of therapeutic massage and biodynamic cranial therapy. Instead of adhering to a specific protocol or treatment plan, Biodynamic Massage allows the client’s body to guide the therapeutic process. This means I deeply listen during a session. I am regularly amazed by how much insight our bodies hold within the various systems and layers of tissue. For example, a client reporting pain in their lower back may indeed have muscle tightness in that area and even structural (skeletal) imbalances, but they may also have tension in their abdomen (organs), poor circulation, stagnant lymph flow, etc. The picture of how a body needs to heal expands as you incorporate all the body’s systems. Our bodies have innate healing abilities, and speak what they need. Biodynamic massage helps the client build greater trust in those abilities.

Questions about Biodynamic Work

How does Biodynamic Massage Therapy differ from Deep Tissue massage?

From the outside, Biodynamic Massage is not unlike most therapeutic massage treatments. The difference resides in how the session progresses. There is not a prescribed protocol to follow for any given complaint or situation. Instead, each session is directed by what I am feeling in the client’s body. During a treatment session, I am continually tracking different systems in the body through my felt sense and years of accumulated study of the human body and ultimately trying to attend to the deepest place of health that already exists within the client’s body. I believe that the more I hold the entire body in my field of awareness, the better I can address what might be most useful for the client’s healing and transformation. My desire is that each client feels deeply listened to during a massage treatment. By acknowledging all the systems of the body (nervous, endocrine, digestive, respiratory, musculoskeletal, cranial, fluid), I am helping my client to integrate the whole body and feel profoundly supported in that process.

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