“Angela is knowledgeable, compassionate, focused and skilled. She is the most effective body worker I have worked with in twenty years. A keen capacity for depth and transformation body work.”

-J. Lauck

“Although I have always appreciated therapeutic massage for relieving my back pain and muscle tension, I never imagined it could be effective for treating my stomach problems.  Angela’s abdominal massages not only leave me more relaxed, but also help me breathe more deeply, relieve stomach cramps, and even eliminate my heartburn. ”

-E. Palmer

“I had a hysterectomy that included a very large fibroid tumor that I had carried for over 20 years. While the surgery went well I was left with constant pain in several locations in my abdomen. I saw three doctors and one physical therapist that could not understand my pain or what to do to resolve it. I was told to have additional surgery to cut the probable adhesions, or just live with it. I was unable to work with the pain.

The exception was Dr. Laura Korman who suggested I see Angela Severson, saying she wasn’t sure why it worked but she had patients with similar symptoms who had successfully reduced their pain with Ms Severson. I felt my first few minutes of pain relief since surgery after my first session with Ms. Severson. Over one and a half months later I experience less pain, less frequently. I have also found physical therapists that perform myofacial release, their work (pelvic and abdominal) is complementary but not similar in technique to the massage I get from Ms. Severson. While all of it is helpful the massages seem to bring the most immediate relief. The physical therapists understand Angela’s type of work and have also seen excellent results, and were excited to hear of another talented practitioner in a very small pool here in Portland. It took a month and a half but Ms. Severson reported to me the movement of my organs feel fluid to her for the first time.”

-S. Schroeder

“Angela Severson’s therapy helped my abdomen feel less rigid and restricted.  My digestion feels improved.  During therapy, her patience allowed my vulnerable solar plexus to open without forcing – helping me breath more easily, too.  I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Severson’s abdominal massage.”

-S. Leek, LMT

“After having a total colectomy I recovered from my surgical procedure experiencing nausea, a decreased appetite, and pain along the incision site and in the general abdominal region. I had seen Angela Severson many times in the past for therapeutic massage work, and on one occasion she inquired if I would participate in a teaching session with herself and a mentor in abdominal massage. The session proved to be very therapeutic in that it helped relieve some of the pain I was experiencing in the course of the healing process. After a few sessions of abdominal massage my general appetite improved and the nausea that I was experiencing subsided. I credit they sessions to an quicker recovery period and an improved quality of life.”

-J. Schulz

“My whole-hearted endorsement of Angela Severson’s therapeutic presence and skills is hard to contain.  This past year I found myself confronted with a new, serious digestive disorder and throughout the process of getting tests and trying other alternative and traditional treatments, it was Angela’s care that was the most striking, informative, and helpful.  Additionally, her insights into my condition were proved right in the end — that’s how deeply intuitive her touch and abdominal massage techniques can be.  My body is thankfully on the mend in no small part due to Angela.  I’m excited to see the ways she continues to grow into her healing role as I trust it will always be grounded in a solid presence and collaborative spirit.”

-M. Pastor,MA

“I seek out massage therapy from Angela Severson for several reasons.  Initially I was by referral from two women that I trust.  After the first visit I knew I would continue to go back.  I value Angela’s approach of listening to what is going on before we even start the massage.  Her approach is one of such care and compassion.  It comes across that Angela genuinely cares about me beyond the physical.  I appreciate her knowledge and approach to the massage.   Each visit feels tailored to what is going on with me physically and emotionally.”

-B. Carson

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