Professional Story

After a decade of working in a variety of social service arenas, I boldly left my career.

I knew that some new type of work was calling me, but I didn’t yet have any idea what that might be. In 2004, while studying the art of paper-making in the mountains of North Carolina, I knew I needed to find a marriage between working with my hands and helping people. That is when I decided to pursue massage therapy. I returned to Portland, OR, and began my studies at East West College of Healing Arts.

A massage therapy student receives copious amounts of bodywork as he/she is introduced to a myriad of different techniques and modalities. I soaked them all up like a sponge and found I wanted to learn more. What does Thai massage feel like? How does my body respond to Feldenkrais? What are the benefits of sports massage? ….and on it went. I don’t think that I’ve ever received a bodywork treatment that I didn’t learn from or experience as beneficial to my body. And each and every treatment has taught me more about the human body, and has been incorporated into and improved my own work.

The first time I received a Biodynamic Massage session from Todd Jackson, I experienced something more profound, as I realized my body was being “listened to” in a way it never had before. The way he approached the session was different, in that he did not try to fix my body or heal my pain. I felt his work shining like a light, freeing up the health within my own body. Experiencing deep change, I knew immediately that this was the work I wanted to give my clients. I began studying Biodynamic Massage with Todd and fell more deeply in love with massage. To this day I continue to study with Todd, as this work is a never-ending, deep well. I am eternally grateful for Todd’s dedication to his work and his students.

In 2009, I began to study Abdominal Massage Therapy with Marty Ryan, LMP. Once again, I encountered work that profoundly changed me; I was transformed by the work that can be done with the abdomen and organs. This specialized form of massage is extremely beneficial for a variety of health and wellness needs, and there are a very limited number of practitioners providing it, thus I am passionate about bringing this work to the world. Marty’s approach to abdominal massage is world-renowned. He is an incredible practitioner who has given me a depth of knowledge about the organs and human body, which continues to expand.

Educational Trainings & Assistantships:

  • East West College of Healing Arts, 800-hour program
  • Biodynamic Massage, Continuing Education, over 160 hours
  • Abdominal Palpation & Tx., Continuing Education, over 150 hours
  • Body Mind Centering, Continuing Education, over 200 hours
  • B.S. Human Development & Family Sciences, OSU
  • Continuing Education class assistant to Todd Jackson, LMT (Biodynamic Massage) and Marty Ryan, LMP (Abdominal Palpation and Treatment) – over 150 hours


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