The Story of the Jellyfish

During the summer of 2013, I was studying the organ system during a Body Mind Movement course with Mark Taylor in Pittsburgh, PA. One afternoon, while explaining the intricate movements of the organs, he showed us a video of jellyfish swimming in the sea. We sat for twenty minutes watching and sinking into the meditative movement of these ancient creatures. As I watched the jellyfish, I found resonance inside my own body, in my organs. I could feel the buoyancy within me.

Upon returning and bringing this work to my clients, I felt the connection between the organ and fluid systems in our bodies to that of the jellyfish swimming in the sea. This is just one example of a myriad of connections between us and the natural world.

Jellyfish are the only creatures that rely on movement for their sustenance. They have virtually no ability to move on their own accord and must depend upon the currents of the oceans and the direction of the wind to move them on the way that they must go.

Their ability to move in harmony with the currents of life reveal to us how to flow with the natural forces of Mother Earth.

The beautiful transparency and powerful sting of the jellyfish is a representation for us of what it means to be transparent and vulnerable, yet strong.

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